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79 Hurst Olds
About my '79 H/O
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I bought this Hurst Olds from Mrs. Sara Olds. She lived about 5 miles from my house. She had purchased this car new from the Williams Chevrolet-Olds in Magee, MS. I purchased this car on May 4, 2000. I first saw this car the summer of 1999 I was on my way to Laurel, MS. I was in about a 5/8 of a mile I was looking at it from the time that I started looking from the front windshield till the time it toped the hill at the beginning of the straight away. When I turned around I found I was off-roading A LOT all four wheels of my '96 F-150 super duty was in the ditch. That was the last of the car I saw till the night before I got it. At the beginning of school my dad told me that he had found me a Old car but that is all he would tell me about the car is that it was old, and about 16 days before I finished school for the year he walked in my room at about 9:30 and said "do you remember that car I told you that I found you but I wouldn't tell you what it was?? Do you want it?" Well, I said lets go look at it first. We drove to town and looked at it the time I saw it I said the first time I ever saw that car I nearly wrecked my truck looking at it. I didn't know it was a real Hurst Olds till my hand hit the gearshift, and I said I WANT THIS CAR!!! And my dad just laughed. We took it to my house and looked it over really good under the lights and got under it to see if it had been in a wreck and to see how sound everything was. It looked like it was brand new on the top and bottom. We went back and I told her that I would be back the next day with the cash. Well, after school I went to her house with the cash, and bought the car. I told her I was going to go out in the car that night and she gave me money for the gas. I thanked her and told her that I would still let her drive it when she wanted to or just ride what ever her heart desired, and then I left.

This car was not bought to be hauled on a trailer. I was purchased to be a every day driver. Which it was for about 3 weeks. Then I started to home from Laurel and went over a bridge and on the bump up the A/C went completely OUT. I drove it like that for about a week with no A/C. Which for me was the hardest thing in the world, because I like it when the windows are FROZE with condensation rolling off. So I stopped driving the car till I could get the A/C fixed. Which took a very long time.

Then the carburetor that flooded out every time you went to pass HAD TO BE FIXED. HUGE LEAD FOOT.... I let my cousin rebuild the thing, and still having carburetor problems I decided to try one more time before buying a new one.... Second time is a charm. I got O'Dell's Carburetors to rebuild it and a local mechanic Larry Moffett to put it on. Which in fact helped the pep of the car it has a lot more of the horses to pass around... and cleans up at take-offs... I want to know what its 0 to 60 is.. it pretty much glues you to the back of the seats when you punch it to the floor on take-off. I also have a thing called the back barrels that now open at will.. be careful my tag says "SEUL8R" for a reason its, because you might get your feelings hurt in your new Camaro or Mustang.

The windows in the doors were tented when I got the car. And I like the way it looked. So I decided that I would try to re-tent the front 2 and do the rest. My Uncle and me took the tent off and preceded to tent the windows I really didn't like our tent job so good. So I had it put on at a local tent shop. They got it dark than dark for me.

Its been going I get one thing fixed an another goes wrong... It's keeping up the tradition the battery cables I just got the carburetor fixed and now the battery cables... It cranks sometimes before you can get the key turned good and if it doesn't crank right up you might have to go adjust the battery cables on it a little. Waiting for a day that is a lot warmer to take all the battery cables off.... the pos. is LONG all over the place, and you would know that it is the wire that is giving the problems....

More to come as time permits and problems mount.

Things I have done to the car.

1)Trying to fix over heating water-pump.(didn't succeed helped a little.) 2)I have changed the A/C almost completely. 3)Had the Carburetor redone with the A/C stuff. 4)Exhaust system (still working on the over heating but that still isn't the ticket to cool Friday's drag way.) 4)Carburetor take 2 (got the over heating knocked, on it this time around)