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79 Hurst Olds
Save Oldsmobile
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Dear Mr. Blakeney,

Thank you for contacting the Oldsmobile Response Center and expressing your interest in Oldsmobile.

We are pleased that you have chosen to share your comments with us concerning the phase out of the
Oldsmobile division. We will be forwarding your comments to the appropriate group within General

Oldsmobile has a rich history of success, including great vehicles and loyal customers. We want to
stress that every Oldsmobile owner is a valued member of the GM family of owners, and that means we
have the largest and one of the most responsive customer care networks in the industry. As always,
our Customer Assistance Center will work individually with each owner to resolve any issues,
questions or concerns.

Please feel free to call us at 1-866-306-6030 or continue checking our website at
<> should you have any further questions regarding this important decision.
Again, thanks for taking the time to share your interest in Oldsmobile. We appreciate hearing from


Tammy Kibler
Customer Relationship Manager
GM Internet Response Center

Original message follows:

Date: Monday, December 3, 2001
Time: 10:27 PM EST


Name: Jeremy Blakeney


What modern Oldsmobile would you by: Bravada

What modern Oldsmobile would you buy: None, you need to bring back the "classics" ie: Cutlass, Rocket 88, rear wheel drive, V-8's etc.

What do you drive?: 1979 Cutlass Calais (Hurst/Olds) & 1984 98 Regency both cars are original's.

Tell them your thoughts on the closing of Oldsmobile: Dear Mr. Wagoner,

I have recently heard the announcement that you are eliminating the Oldsmobile brand line and I am very disappointed. I believe this action is premature and irresponsible.

It is true that Oldsmobile has to overcome its previous image of making large American style cars. This can only be overcome by more advertising and most importantly, giving the division time to change its image. A totally redesigned product in virtually any market needs more than three years to change public opinion.

The cars in Oldsmobile's product line are, by all accounts in industry magazines, rated far above competing vehicles. It is only a matter of time before consumers will recognize this. All are steadily increasing sales, with the exception of the Intrigue. Why destroy an entire car brand because one vehicle is not profitable.

If you eliminate Oldsmobile, you will be giving away a good portion of your market share. The new Oldsmobile buyer is not switching from another GM product but from foreign brands. They will not simply buy a different GM product but will return to the foreign make they drove before.

Oldsmobile makes some of the best products that GM has to offer. They perform well above the competition. The only barrier to profitability and strong sales is time. I am asking you to reconsider this action before an irrevocable mistake is made.


Jeremy Blakeney,
The day you stop makeing Oldsmobiles is the day I stop buying GM's.

I don't expect Mr. Wagoner to write me, much less have actually got the message. The only thing they see is the overal numbers they don't car about the company. He doesn't know JACK about cars or trucks he is a bean counter. However if you are reading this contact me (we need to talk).