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79 Hurst Olds
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Projects on my car

1.Refrigerant refill day after buying the car (May 5, 2000).
3.Water pump, hoses, and radiator cap (May 29, 2000).
4.A/C re-build (converted over to RA134 bad idea!!!) Carb rebuild.
5.Plugs and plug wires.
6.Windows tented.
7.Exhaust system.
8.Carburetor Rebuild (by O'Dells in Jackson Q-jet KING) and timing adjustment (October 30, 2000).
9.Starter replaced with an AC Delco one and battery cables replaced (December 19, 2000)
10.Brakes, power booster, master cylinder, rotors, bearings & seals, rotors, pads. (Faze 1 Front End Re-build.) (Jan 30, 2001)
11.Oil Pressure Switch. (Feb 1, 2001)

Part #'s

Napa parts.
Master Ride Chassis Parts
10277 (Ball Joint)
10268 (Ball Joint)
Napa Chassis
267-1350 (Bushings)
267-3349 (Bushings)
Napa United
AE-7070A-M (Brake Pads)
50-1272 (Power booster w/master Cyl)
Napa Bearings
M12649 (Bearings)
LM67048 (Bearings)
Napa Oil Seals
4885644 (Oil Seals)
Napa Oil Products
35-032 (Dot 3 Brake Fluid)
608 (Bearing Grease)
Napa Mac's
8400 (Rubber Undercoating
Napa Martin Senour Paint
7243 (Chassis Black)
Napa Echlin
OP6640 (Oil Pressure Switch)