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79 Hurst Olds
Facts about the 1979 Hurst Olds
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Things you should know about '79 Hurst Olds before you buy one.

It was the first Hurst Olds that didn't offer a 455 its only engine avaible was a 350 rocket(engine code "R"). It had a posi-traction option on the non-california cars and a 2.73:1 gear ratio, where california cars didn't offer posi-tracion and had a 2.56:1 gear ratio. It came with a TH-350 tranmission. It was the only '79 GM A body to come with a 350 engine.

They only made 2,499 of them in 1979. 1165 white and gold and 1334 black and gold 537 with the Hurst Hatch T-tops.

The VIN number should go 3K47R9M and 6 more numbers. If it didn't start with those numbers followed by a six digit number it isn't a true Hurst Olds.

If it is a '79H/O it will have a Hurst Dual/Gate shifter. NOT A 4 SPEED MANUAL.

In this area I'll include a list of all the material necessary to perform the tasks I'm describing on this page.

'79 the only car that was a true Hurst Olds was a Calias Cutlass.

The Oldsmobile grill emblem was black alone with the calais hood oraniment, where the regular Cutlass was red.

If you have any good tips for buying a 1979 H/O email them to me.

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